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Description & Materials
Magnetic coffee table - Repetitive elements in black lacquered solid beech, permanent neodymium magnets, varnish. Unlimited edition, made to order.
Raphael Charles

Raphael Charles (1979) - is by his own definition a self-educated creator of objects. Far from being the result of a "materialistic" desire, his creation are born rather from the need to materialise the desire to put into perspective fast evolution, a hypercosumerism of ideas, things, time... The object suspends time, is positioned in space like an interface and produces lasting relations.


Raphael creates in the pure sense of the word. Through a cognitive and experimental act, which repeats itself every time, in an unlimited and open evolution, he gives life to materials, shapes and functions. It is through an aristic impulse that the object takes form.


Through their poetic, new functional and seductive qualities, Raphael's creations raise questions, challenges, affect and involve the observer and/or the user. Rather than static objects, they are more like experiences that involve all the senses. 


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