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'Sardine School'
Description & Materials
nickel plated then copper plated real sardine cans with 3 color tones, Yellow copper pipes, Rolled yellow copper sheets, Silver and tin solder, MDF wooden supports, LED chips 1.2W, DALI power supplies, DALI sequencer + DALI remote scene
Maurice Asso

Pioneered in the architectural lighting profession in Lebanon in the early 90’s, Asso ventured to achieve a milestone in this domain that paid of several years later to draw a line between choosing light fixtures and architectural lighting expression.

He invests tremendously in the new science of lighting technology and its design tools where this knowledge is transferred regularly to his team of accomplished designers.

Member of the Professional Lighting Design Association (PLDA) since 2008, Asso constantly preaches the disciplines of the lighting establishment and encourages all new comers to work under its umbrella and reach the respect and recognition of other professionals of the architectural domain.





  • 'Sardine School'