Willy Rizzo
Willy Rizzo started his career in Paris where he photographed stars and starlets for « Ciné Mondial », « Point de vue » and « Image du monde ». He even covered the Trial of Nuremberg and accomplished big reports, notably in Tunisia on the « line Mareth ».

In 1947, the English Blackstar agency sended him to the United States « to photograph what surprised him »: of a $1 machine which distributed low nylons in drive-in in cinemas. But he prefered women, fashion and started a new life in Los angeles.

Max Corre, with whom he had collaborated in « France Dimanche », called him to announce that Jean Prouvost was creating a big magazine in Paris, he came back and met Hervé Mille. Here is the beginning of Paris Match adventure. and is still lasting.

His report on Maria Callas inspired Hergé in «Les bijoux de la Castafiore» by creating his caratere: The Paris Flash photographer, Waler Rizzoto, as for his friend  Walter Carone.

In 1959, he became the artistic director of Marie Claire and collaborated with the biggest fashion magazines like Vogue, where Alex Liberman asked him to work «with his look».

In 1968, he married Elsa Martinelli. The have lived in Rome and Willy began his job of designer for his personal needs. According to him, «the Scandinavian or old pieces of furniture were not either comfortable or rather simple».

In front of request, he created his workshops. But at the end of the seventies, the fall of Cinecitta and the rise of terrorism gave an end in his Roman life. The « dolce vita » was over. Willy sold his business and because of his nostalgie, he came back to Paris.