about smogallery

Based in Beirut, Smogallery brings together works of art and design of various artists in a project that moves them from scope of utility to that of contemplation or contemplative reflection, under the banner of the decorative arts.

The common approach is to provide aesthetic pleasure to the viewer and to blur the boundaries between art and design by sublimating shapes, materials and redefining beautiful.

Smogallery focuses on unique works and limited-edition series, from furniture & lighting to artworks by Lebanese and international designers such as Najla El Zein. Nathalie Khayat, Ranya Sarakbi, Karim CHaya, Georges Mohasseb, Danielle Moudabber, Eva Szumilas ,Bokja, Niko Koronis, Marie Munier, Cyriile Najjar and & Lara Khoury.

Throughout each exhibition, the gallery, created and managed by architect Gregory Gatserelia, is transformed into a place of constantly renewed discoveries and dynamics, offering for that matter the experience of multiple exchanges, cross-influences and connections.

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